Our last name was mentioned back in 1398, and it comes from Ostoja. King Stjepan Ostoja was the famous ruler of Bosnia in the 14th century. Although the genesis of our last name Ostojić from King Stjepan Ostoja until today, cannot be directly proved, but by today’s geneologists is not excluded. Our wines therefore proudly bear the names of the kings Ostoja, Stjepan Ostojic and Radivoj Ostojic, as well as the queens of Ostojic: Vitača, Kujava and Jelena.

With us you can experience the charms of rural tourism, tasting homemade Herzegovinian specialties and top quality autochthonous wines. Our spacious restaurant is suitable for celebrations like baptism, communion and crisis.

Podrum Ostojić - obitelj
Podrum Ostojić - grb


By transferring and refining the knowledge of grapes and wine from father to son, the Ostojić family has come to enchanting knowledge and quality in the production of wine, so today Ostojićs produce quality and famous wines in B&H and throughout Europe.

The herzegovinian stone and sun provides the perfect conditions for breeding and processing of the highest quality grape varieties, especially in front of the Čitluk area, Brotnjo where are the highest quality herzegovinian vineyards famous for wine and grapes for centuries.

Podrum Ostojić